About the Siskiyou Crest Coalition

Mission Statement

The Siskiyou Crest is a regionally significant habitat connectivity corridor linking the Coast Ranges to the Cascade Mountains along the Oregon-California border. The region contains deeply-rooted cultural traditions, world-class biodiversity, important watershed and fisheries, unique geology, old-growth forests, spectacular scenery, vast backcountry habitats, and significant recreational resources. The Siskiyou Crest Coalition (SCC) works to protect and promote these values for future generations through advocacy, education, stewardship, and permanent habitat protections.

View from Dutchman Peak

Our Coalition

The Siskiyou Crest Coalition is a grassroots collaboration of residents, rural property owners, farmers, and representatives of nonprofit organizations, all dedicated to the conservation of the natural environment of the Siskiyou Crest region. We are working to establish permanent protections for federally owned lands to preserve rare and sensitive species, to protect clean water and important watersheds, and to sustain old-growth forests.

We have two committees: One is focused on planning for the protection of our most precious, wild places. The other pursues community outreach and education, hoping to engage others in our passion for this amazing place, and hosting fun and educational events. 

Please sign up on our Contact page for news and events.

We are fiscally sponsored by the nonprofit Applegate Siskiyou Alliance.

Showy goldenbanner (Thermopsis robusta)

Showy goldenbanner (Thermopsis robusta)

Siskiyou lewisia (Lewisia cotyledon)

Siskiyou lewisia (Lewisia cotyledon)

Howell's tauschia (Tauschia howellii)

Howell’s tauschia (Tauschia howellii)

Kellogg's lewisia (Lewisia kelloggii)

Kellogg’s lewisia (Lewisia kelloggii)

Henderson's horkelia (Horkelia hendersonii)

Henderson’s horkelia (Horkelia hendersonii)

Jaynes Canyon buckwheat (Eriogonum diclinum)

Jaynes Canyon buckwheat (Eriogonum diclinum)

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved and/or make a contribution, please contact us.

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